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Mining for Gold

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Our local mountains have gold, but we won’t need mining to get it.

Can North Cowichan become the cycling capital of Canada?   We can and I have the plan to do it.

Just imagine for a moment having a world class trail riding competition right here, bringing riders and tourists from all over the world who will sample our wines, our locally grown cuisine, and our superlative natural environment.

North Cowichan is blessed with an incredible opportunity to create world class cycling and trail attractions for all recreation levels, all year long.We are in a very unique position among coastal communities with year round biking access on our trails.

Owning the land is our biggest asset. I’ll get us working right away to complete existing trail projects while moving forward on the master plan for trails and rural parks, in collaboration with the public and our partners, the Cowichan Trail Steward Society.

By creating an exciting biking culture around our assets, not unlike places like Squamish with rock climbing, or Whistler with skiing, we will become the destination for all levels of cycling, from high end world class competition events to everyday family riding for locals and tourists.

My plan includes not only improving and adding trails on Maple Mountain and Mount Tzouhalem, but adding washrooms and parking at trailheads, and adding technology components that allow security, ride tracking , and promotion.

We’ll also support alternative learning programs around trail building and stewardship. And we will, finally, fix the scar on Maple Mountain of the previous mayor, by developing a door step biking community, like the doorstep skiing and golf communities we are all familiar with elsewhere.

And we’ll export our new world class expertise to other communities as just one way we’ll add revenue to drive this initiative.

Join me and let’s “Think Big” and make our mountain and valley trail systems world class attractions. We have excellent community partnerships with the Cowichan Trails Steward Society and with our own world renowned trail building talent in Riley McIntosh already here.

We have a plan, now let’s make it happen. Let’s start moving on building quality of life and prosperity right here.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Finish 20km loop on Maple Mountain by summer 2015
  • Improve parking and build washrooms at trailheads on Maple and Tzouhalem mountains.
  •  Fix trails (deconstruct and remove hazards) on Mt Tzouhalem and build new trails.
  •  Develop master plan and marketing strategy to complete by spring of 2016
  •  Promote a biking community in future rezoning of the “Cliffs over Maple Bay”
  •  Support alternative learning programs in conjunction with trail building, maintenance and stewardship.
  •  Increase security and surveillance with technology
  • Work collaboratively with other Island trail initiatives to increase trail connections.
  •  Promote the “Cliffs over Maple Bay” as a biking destination to invest in.
  • Support integration of working forest operations into master trails plan.
  • Find new revenue opportunities to offset trail costs

rence and getting national attention,” Councillor Koury said.

As Mayor, Councillor Koury will introduce more ideas to stimulate the economy by attracting more business to North Cowichan. “I reject the idea that we just have to take what come and that we can’t shape our communities and deliver services exactly how we want them,” he said.

Good ideas that make sense and grow jobs are what Councillor Koury believes North Cowichan needs. “I’ll follow up on the invitations we send to the table of opportunity that I have set. It’s time to end a decade of apathy and get moving,” Councillor Koury said.