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Koury Will Build on His Economic Success

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 7.21.01 PMBylaws introduced by Councillor John Koury, Chair of the Economic Development Advisory Committee, are seeing immediate results and can already be called a success and gaining national attention.

As Mayor, he promises more incentives for small business and homeowners to stimulate the economy.

“My plan to stimulate the economy with tax breaks for small businesses is working. Businesses have moved in, they are growing their markets and creating jobs,” Councillor Koury said.

In less than a year since the new tax relief bylaw came into place six new businesses have set up shop in North Cowichan. Careful preparation of the bylaw with key amendments made the plan an instant success. “We can boost our local job opportunities and, in the long run, our tax base with incentives for small business,” Councillor Koury said.

Koury’s tax relief bylaw for small business has made national headlines. The Financial Post featured the North Cowichan tax relief bylaw as a means to attract new investment to create jobs.

Libre Naturals and Wedderspoon are two businesses that are featured in the Financial Post article :

Another great story is the new multi residential development on James Street that offers affordable housing options as a result of the added savings from tax relief.

“We are competing every day with communities all over BC for new business and new opportunity and I am very pleased to see that this tax relief plan for small business is working and is in fact exceeding my expectations,” Councillor Koury said.

“We’ve accomplished more for the struggling economy in less than a year with one good idea than local government has in a very long time. It’s about the ideas. And this one good idea is doing what it’s supposed to. It’s making a difference and getting national attention,” Councillor Koury said.

As Mayor, Councillor Koury will introduce more ideas to stimulate the economy by attracting more business to North Cowichan. “I reject the idea that we just have to take what come and that we can’t shape our communities and deliver services exactly how we want them,” he said.

Good ideas that make sense and grow jobs are what Councillor Koury believes North Cowichan needs. “I’ll follow up on the invitations we send to the table of opportunity that I have set. It’s time to end a decade of apathy and get moving,” Councillor Koury said.

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