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John Koury Compares Environmental Record Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 7.21.01 PM

Councillor and Mayoral candidate, John Koury today compares his record against the past Mayor’s on the environment.

At the last Council Meeting, John Koury voted against the sweeping powers of bureaucracy to increase the size of government, increase regulation, and increase taxes.

At this term’s second-to-last Council meeting, the mayor shoehorned in the final stack of paper outlining yet another plan to implement the unfinished plans that we have yet to adopt.  Council adopted the Climate Action and Energy Implementation plan, the Cole’s notes of the larger more expensive Climate Action and Energy Plan.

“The mayor calls the decision taken yesterday as ‘very progressive’. I call it a political make-work pet project of the mayor and his Climate Action team.  When people hear the term ‘progressive policy’, they need to know that it really means big government, more regulatory intervention into our lives, and higher taxes, and that is the legacy of this mayor. People have a clear choice this time around between the slow moving and expensive status quo or an action orientated common sense leadership style”, Koury said.

This mayor rammed through his so-called “progressive” agenda at a time when council should be wrapping up unfinished business, like Councilor Koury’s Affordable Housing Bylaw proposal that never saw the light of day.  “Council adopted my initiative but no work was ever done on it. The mayor did nothing to advance this very important issue, instead he put his own political ambitions ahead of the needs of our community”, Councilor Koury said.

Councilor Koury demanded answers as to why there has been no work done on the Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw Review,  a high municipal priority designed to bring clarity, certainty and incentive to the investment community for development. “That work should have been completed by now. Cleary hyperactive ‘progressive’ environmental political action has trumped the real common sense approach to sustainable development under the current mayor. When I add it all up, we produced a lot of paper, paid a lot of consultants, and showered ourselves in self praise but that’s about it.” Koury said.

When asked what his track record is on issues of the environment and sustainable development, Councillor Koury had this to say: “The current mayor can’t really touch my track-record when it comes to protecting the environment. I have accomplished more in three years than he has in all of the time the mayor has been the mayor. It would be tough to compare my action packed record with the political actions of this mayor”, he said.

John Koury’s Environment Record

(since first elected in 2008, and rolled out before Jon Lefebure became Mayor)

  1. 100% water metering
  2. Soil Removal Bylaw
  3. Common Sense Burning Bylaw
  4. Sustainable Official Community Plan Bylaw
  5. Development Permit Areas to protect the environment Bylaw
  6. Urban Containment Boundaries Bylaw
  7. No Net Loss Agricultural Land Bylaw
  8. Property Tax Breaks for Green Commercial Development Bylaw*
  9. Chemainus Revitalization seed money approval
  10. Low Flow Toilet Rebate
  11. Fireplace Replacement Rebate
  12. Approved a fully funded library to start construction in the spring of 2011
  13. Funding approval for sustainable bridge replacement in Chemainus
  14. Funding Approval to begin diking to save Duncan from future floods
  15. Created the Climate Action Committee
  16. Adopted 10 year agreement to divert sewage lagoon outfall away from the Cowichan River


Jon Lefebure’s Environment Record

  1. Climate Action Energy Plan – over $250,000 consultants and staff, 2 years to complete and may create 600 jobs by 2050 according to the consultants.
  2. Climate Action Tax on all classes including residential
  3. Climate Action Energy Implementation Plan a plan to plan for plans already laid
  4. The Climate Action Energy Plan won an award
  5. High priority Bylaw review – NOT COMPLETE
  6. Local Area Plan for Crofton and Duncan – NOT COMPLETE
  7. Library in Chemainus – NOT COMPLETE
  8. Removal of prime development lands within the Urban Containment Boundary and made them into parking lots, parks and ponds
  9. As Mayor adopted Comprehensive Development Zone that deforested the Cliffs over Maple Bay on Mount Tzouhalem and create unrealistic barriers for future investment.



* 2011, during second term